About this course

Your journey as an entrepreneur starts here. By the end of this course, you will have a promising idea in hand for a technology-based product or service. Your idea, and the accompanying business vision you will develop, will form the basis of your new venture. You will learn to identify user or customer problems, to brainstorm products and services and that address those problems, and to formulate a preliminary business model that includes key characteristics of your customer, the market, and how your product will generate revenue.

You will go on to learn and apply procedures for user- and customer-centered product design: interviewing, analysis, and modeling techniques to further identify needs and to define the "whole product"e required to provide a complete solution from a user's/customer's point of view. You will also learn how to analyze the competitive landscape and to plan a first release of your product.

Course cost

$2,000 USD


5 weeks full time or
10 weeks part time



Included in course

One-on-one mentorship

Peer participation

Online, mentored courses

Our courses are entirely online, but they are not like any online courses you have ever seen. You will not be watching boring video lectures and taking tests; you will learn by doing with the help of knowledgeable mentors who are always available to provide advice and feedback on your work.

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