Data Analytics 2: Big Data and Data Science using Python

About this course

In many cases, the amount of data an organization needs to analyze is so vast that it cannot be done on a single computer. For such “big data” projects, organizations must rely on cloud computing. In Big Data and Data Science, you will learn advanced techniques for the analysis of big data using cloud-based infrastructure including MapReduce and a Hadoop cluster as you complete a project to determine customer sentiment towards smart phone brands as it has been expressed on the World-Wide Web. High-performance analytics projects are increasingly being implemented in the Python programming language using specialized libraries. After completing the big data project, you will go on to complete two projects, following a principled data science process you will define, using Python, and Python libraries for machine learning, data preprocessing, and visualization.

Course cost

$3,000 USD


8 weeks full time or
16 weeks part time


Data Analytics 1: Fundamentals of Data Analytics

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